So I recently started using Vim as my text-editor of choice. I used to hate Vi with a passion, but lately I’ve grown frustrated with the bloated, laggy IDE’s of today, so I turned to Vim.

Vim is a super lightweight text-editor that you run from the terminal. The command syntax made no sense to me at first, but slowly I started to learn the basics and soon I was working along as fast as I ever had.

The nice thing about Vim is I can ssh into my web-host and edit files right in the terminal without having to muck with a “Save remotely as” feature.

The one thing with Vim is you’ll probably want to enable syntax highlighting right off the bat.

Here’s my ~/.vimrc config file if you’re interested:

syntax on
colorscheme slate
set number
set expandtab
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4

This will turn syntax highlighting and line numbers on, set your default colorscheme to something that isn’t horrible and set your tabs to four spaces (mainly for Python development).

I’m even running split views in Vim now, I feel so 1990’s.