Change Comes Quickly

Ok, I give in, I’m finally going to talk about the election. As you should know by now Obama won (I hope you’re not just finding out now). What I really want to talk about is what happened post-election. Specifically the President Elect’s new website As a fantastic example of transparency, is designed to keep the public informed during the transition from the Bush Administration to the Obama Administration. What’s really impressive is that they managed to get the website up and going only a day after the conclusion of the election. has already received significant press from sites such as Ars Technica, Boing Boing and Slashdot. I’ve even been seeing tweets show up in my Twitter feed from friends who have been browsing the new site.

The site is a very characteristic move from the Obama campaign and I think one of the reasons they’ve been so successful. By pushing out this site so quickly it means that people aren’t left wondering “what’s next?” Instead the Obama Administration has given people a way to see that the work hasn’t stopped along with the election. In fact the work is just getting started.

Obama poster/photo by january20th2009.

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  1. I had no idea Obama already had a new Web site up! I definitely think that he was able to rack up the votes simply by being so active with ads online, such as Facebook, and even on video games. The involvement of a politician with the people is the most affective campaign they can lead, and obviously he did that well. It is great to know where he will be leading us when he takes office.

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