How "Cooking Mama" Handles PETA

Recently the game “Cooking Mama,” published by Majesco Entertainment for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, became the target of a new PETA campaign. PETA developed an online flash game dubbed “Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals,” which is accompanied by recommendations for vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

Majesco took a day or two to whip up this awesome and slightly tongue-in-cheek response. Great quote below:

Cooking Mama World Kitchen includes more than 25 vegetarian-friendly recipes including delicious breakfast, dinner, dessert and snack options. And, while Mama is not a vegetarian, she fully supports the humane treatment of animals, particularly for her canine protégé Max who makes his doggie debut in World Kitchen.

I think it’s really cool that Majesco had some fun with this. They obviously weren’t a fan of PETA’s portrayal of their game, but they still managed to come up with a witty and smart sounding response. I think PETA totally loses this battle. This just goes to show how a well thought out response can completely defuse a potential crisis. What do you think about Majesco’s response?

Via Kotaku

3 thoughts on “How "Cooking Mama" Handles PETA

  1. Tristan, thank you for sharing this! What a great response from Majesco. They were civil and employed concrete examples (the 25 vegetarian recipes and the dog, Max) to prove their point that there is a difference between supporting an omnivorous eating lifestyle and abusing animals. Personally, I am disappointed with PETA’s recent actions with both this game and Ben and Jerry’s. It’s supposed to be an organization that focuses on the fair treatment of animals, not the admonishment of those who choose to eat animal byproducts. I wonder what PETA plans to do with Majesco’s response?

  2. Elana, thanks for your insightful comment! It turns out that PETA thought they saw an opportunity after seeing Majesco’s initial reaction. They tried to play off the press release from Majesco by duplicating its tone and asking for a “vegetarian” version of cooking mama; even going so far as to offer to help promote it. Most people seem to think that this turn of events was a little unscrupulous.

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