How would you like to be fired today?

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An interesting post over at the McBru Blog Deep Tech Dive asks how transparent should your corporate blog be? According to a recent New York Times Article it has become increasingly common for companies to discuss layoffs and downsizing on their corporate blogs. But is this an appropriate topic for the corporate blog?

Let’s look at it this way. Blogs are a means of communication, two-way communication specifically. People use blogs to talk about things that are happening in their lives. Many people discuss problems at work, at home, or in their social lives. Corporate blogs should be no different. If the company I work for (or invest in) is having problems then I want to know about them. I’d rather hear the whole story straight from the company than from someone else. If the company decides not to talk, then someone else will, and I’ll think that the company has something to hide, or is just plain incompetent.

Let’s face it, all companies have problems. If my corporation is facing layoffs I want to know why. I want to know that the head-honchos are at least concerned for my well-being and the overall well-being of the company. If I don’t hear anything from the top-brass then I’m more inclined to distrust them.

When it comes down to transparency more is usually a good thing. Assuming no legal issues prevent you from discussing a situation with your company then by all means talk about it! People will almost always prefer an honest discussion over a cold-hearted press release.

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  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for taking a look at my blog!

    You probably don’t remember, but we actually met briefly after your talk at the 2008 PRSA Communicator’s Conference. I was one of the student volunteers who was introducing speakers.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading Deep Tech Dive. I’ll have to contribute some comments when I get a spare moment.

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