My First Podcast

I’ve always thought it would be kind of fun to have my own radio show. So I was pretty excited to learn that we would be doing podcasting in my Advanced Public Relations Writing Class.

For my first podcast I decided to modify a recent presentation I did on measuring social media. I cut down the content and re-titled it “Social Media Campaigns.” I actually think it turned out pretty well, but I ran way over my five minute target. My first recording ended up being 11 minutes! But I was able to cut that down to nine with a second take. I think I could probably cut it down more if I tightened things up a bit. I noticed that I tended to repeat myself a lot.

I was really surprised at how few filler words (“uhms” and “uhhs”) I got away with during the podcast. I think not having a bunch of people starring at me when I needed to stop and pause helped a lot.

Also, being the perfectionist that I am, it was really hard to not nuke the entire recording and start over whenever I made a mistake. Either I’m going to have to live with a few mis-spoken words, or I’m going to have to rehearse more in the future.

Either way it was a really fun experience and one I hope to repeat sometime soon!

If you would like to listen to my first podcast you can do so after the jump.

Download MP3 (~7.7MB)

Show notes for Week 1 : Social Media Campaigns

For this week’s show, I discuss how to get started with social media campaigns.

0-1:04 — Introduction
1:04-3:00 — Getting started (strategy, goals and audience)
3:00-4:10 — Measuring your results
4:10-5:36 — Typical metrics
5:36-7:27 — What to do with all that data
7:27-8:20 — ROI
8:20-9:04 — Summary


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