What's Up Google?

For the past 24-hours or so, all my Google services have been intermittently slow. That means Google Reader, Gmail, Blogger, Google Docs and so on. When they work they work fine, but when they’re slow they’re slow as molasses.

It’s not just me either. Twitter is all abuzz about this problem. Yet there is still no response from Google.

What could be wrong? Did someone seriously screw up a system update? Did one of Google’s server farms bite the big one? Who knows! Google hasn’t said a peep. Even the official Google blog has been quiet on the issue.

Granted, a problem big enough to affect all of these services must be keeping them pretty busy, but still. Not even a heads up? Not a smart move Google.

1 thought on “What's Up Google?

  1. Same here, downloads, adds, all services affected. What bothers me is the extreme quiet from google on this issue. Web albums unusable yesterday the 13th. Sites are being slowed to a craw from the add problems.

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