Woo! WordPress 2.8.


WordPress 2.8 is out! If you haven’t already you should go download it now.

As of this post WordPress 2.8 has been downloaded 1,522,482 times, that’s pretty amazing.

I’m actually blown away every time I install a new version of WordPress. It seems like they iron out a few more rough spots each release and the whole experience just gets that much better. As far as open source projects go, the WordPress team definitely has their shit together.

In other news. I’ve been doing some contract work for a client, part of which includes getting them moved from WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

After getting WordPress 2.8 up and running it was time to do some skinning. We decided that the Puretype Theme from Elegant Themes would be a good place to get started. After that, it only took a few hours to modify Puretype a bit to match the client’s website. It helps speed things up immensely when you have some pre-existing graphics to work with.

You can see the final result at blog.goodtugo.com.