Civil War LAN Media Coverage

Well I think I’ve finally recovered from Civil War LAN. Despite OSU trouncing us in the tournaments the event turned out really well. This was the first year since the original emuLAN that I actually got to sit down and enjoy myself. I played some Command and Conquer 3, Heroes of Might and Magic II (yes I’m old school) and Unreal Tournament 2004. I didn’t even do half bad in the UT2k4 tournament.

What I’m really excited about though is all the media coverage we got this year. The original press release I wrote was picked up by the University of Oregon’s Public and Media Relations and sent out to the world.

Magically, during the event, a reporter from the Register Guard stopped by, followed by a videographer from KVAL.

Register Guard Article

I missed the Register Guard reporter, but was able to do the KVAL interview myself.

Initially, I had sent my pitchengine release to some blogs, including Kotaku, but didn’t get any bites. During the LAN we had streaming webcams from both Universities so I decided to toss it out to Kotaku once more. I left the LAN at 4 a.m. Sunday morning, went to sleep and woke up to an e-mail from Owen Good, one of the weekend Kotaku editors. He couldn’t believe he had missed the e-mail and banged up an awesome post about our event!

Kotaku Coverage

As of today the Kotaku post has 2,288 views and 28 comments. The Civil War LAN website received about 400 additional referrals from Kotaku alone (in a 24-hour period).

Unfortunately none of us thought about this extra traffic until today. My co-worker Paul had the awesome idea to throw up a mailing list sign-up on the Civil War LAN website. Hopefully not too late. In the future we definitely need to have some strategy in place ahead of time for taking advantage of the increased website traffic.

Sit back, relax and prepare for a shameless plug.

With a little cajoling from my boss, Lee LaTour, we were able to get some play for the Civil War LAN on the University of Oregon’s home page. Doing some double-dipping, I wrote a social media release for the Civil War LAN and posted it to Pitch Engine (see my release here). Lee was able to get in touch with the right people in the UO’s Public and Media Relations department and they decided to use my release! They made some small edits and added a little more content for clarity, but the bulk of my original release is still there. It was only on the UO home page for a few hours (before being bumped down by other content), but that’s still pretty cool. You can read the revised PMR release here.

Thanks to imjustincognito for the image.